Inspiratie avond 11 juni Participatory Urbanization

Mensen gaan zich anders organiseren. Hoe kan Participatie vormgegeven worden zodat betekenisvolle oplossingen ontstaan. Spreker Indranil Bhattacharya neemt ons mee in de complexiteit van de veranderende maatschappij.


  • 19:30 Inloop
  • 20:00 Lezing Indranil Bhattacharya “Participatory Urbanization”
  • 21:30 Nabeschouwing lezing, elkaar ontmoeten, drankje en hapje

Locatie: Huis van de Gemeente, Rhenen
Toegang: gratis
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Townmaking: Participatory Urbanization

Cities concentrate complexity. There is existing and emerging complexity
ranging from changing weather to unemployment. Cities want to meaningfully
engage citizens to solve many of these challenges. How do cities ensure that
citizen energy is meaningfully engaged to shape cities?
Cities have existing complexity like traffic, urban density, sustainable energy, wealth
distribution, and resilient infrastructure. There are new challenges with changing weather
patterns, global shifts of economic and industrial power, and digital effects on societal
balance. And there is growing recognition that urban needs cannot be yoked solely to
Municipalities are also struggling to understand how to take on these challenges. Top-down
policies that aren’t grounded in real-life situations fail to get adopted. Workshops tend to
produce enthusiasm but poor implementations. Citizen engagement tends to result in
complaints, promoting personal agendas, and unsustainable solutions that die out when
enthusiasm wanes. Implementing processes from corporates and startups teach
municipalities that they aren’t corporates or startups. Most of the technology used in
municipalities are in poor shape, and alliances with technology-first agendas can lead to
compromising citizens and their values.
Meanwhile, citizens feel an increasing need to contribute to the cities where they live. An
approach is required to meaningfully engage the energy of citizens in shaping the cities and
their growing complexity.
Townmaking is an approach for participatory urbanization using knowledge structures. This
presentation shares basics on how citizens can organize themselves around a knowledge
protocol they create and sustain themselves.

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